Frequently Asked Questions

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Please contact customer support at for any questions.


Do you have a free version?
Arcademics games are always free to use without login. Arcademics Plus has enhanced features - like data reports, custom game content, and video lessons.
Can students access Arcademics from home?
Yes! Students and teachers can access from any device connected to the Internet. Students can practice from school or home, logging in at
Can this be used with iPads or Android tablets?
Yes, our HTML5 games can be played across devices. Arcademics Plus apps are also available in the iPad App Store and Android Play store.
Can my school or district do a pilot study?
Yes, we have extended pilot study trials available so your school or district can evaluate the program. Contact us for details at
How do I add students to my account?
To enroll your students, click the Students tab in your account. You can then add one student at a time by clicking the Create New Student button, or you can upload a spreadsheet of students by clicking the Bulk Upload Students button and following the instructions on that page.
Where do students log in?
Students can log in at with the usernames and passwords you create for them. To edit the usernames and passwords, click the Students tab of your account and click the name of the student to edit.
How are student points acquired?
Students earn achievement points through their performance during gameplay. They can earn points for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place finishes, and also for perfect performance at various rates.


I don't live in the U.S. Can I purchase a membership?
Of course! Arcademics is not limited to users in the U.S. We have users all over the world. You can sign up directly on our website and make a payment with your credit card. Our prices are in U.S. dollars, so your credit card company will convert the funds to your local currency.
Is my credit card information going to be kept safe?
Yes, signing up with a credit card is safe. To protect the privacy of our customers, all information you enter is encrypted, and the transaction happens through a secure payment processor.
Is a yearly subscription active for a calendar year or a school year?
Subscriptions are active for one calendar year from the date we receive your payment.
Do you accept school purchase orders?
Yes, we accept purchase orders for classroom and site licenses. Please contact us at to process your payment offline.
Can I purchase a classroom license for more than 30 students?
Yes. The standard classroom license is $150 for up to 30 students. Each additional student is $5 per year. Contact us at for discount quotes or for bulk orders.
Can I turn off the default games on the student homepage?
Yes, you can make it so that your students can only view games you assign. Click the Settings tab, then click the Account section, and then scroll down to the Show Games subsection and select Never.
How do I print reports?
You can print a report by clicking on the Print PDF icon on the top-right of a report. Clicking the icon will bring up a PDF version of the online report that you can print or save to your computer.
How do I assign custom content to specific students?
To assign a game to specific students, you first need to put those students into a Section. To do that, click the Sections button on the Students tab. Then create a new section and select the students to put into the section. When you create an assignment, you can assign it to the section in the Assign To section.
How do I share students with another teacher?
You can invite another teacher to share your students by clicking the Teachers button on the Students tab. Next enter their email address to send an invitation for that teacher to join your account.
How do I cancel service?
Canceling Arcademics Plus is an easy, no-questions-asked, no-fee process. It's done online right from your account. Click the Settings tab, then click the Membership section, and then click Cancel.


How do I use this with my iPads?
Our HTML5 games can be played across devices. Arcademics Plus apps are available for download in the iPad App Store and Android Play store.
Do I need to edit my firewall settings for multiplayer?
The multiplayer games should play without adjusting the firewall. If your device is not playing the games properly, we recommend marking (or IP address as safe in your firewall and content filter.
Which browsers can I use with Arcademics?
Arcademics can be used with current releases of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge web browsers, as well as Internet Explorer version 11+.
Why can't I sign in?
First, double-check that you are using the correct sign-in information from when you registered. If you can't remember your password, please click here to reset it. If you are still having trouble signing in, please contact support at We are happy to help!