Having Problems Connecting to Multiplayer Games?

Firewall Screenshot

Please ask your technical staff to investigate one of these common solutions:

  • Mark multiplayer traffic as safe

    School content filters often require sites to be marked as "safe" or "allowed" for them to work with computers at the school.

    Recommendation: Mark 'multiplayer.arcademicskillbuilders.com' or IP address '' as safe.

  • Open firewall ports for multiplayer traffic

    Occasionally a firewall will need to be configured to allow connections on one or more outbound ports (from the school to the outside server). This does not present any additional security risks as no new inbound connections need to be allowed.

    Recommendation: Allow one or more of the following ports to connect to 'multiplayer.arcademicskillbuilders.com' or IP address ''.

    • TCP Port 80: This port is used for normal web traffic and will often work by default. However, some "deep packet inspection" filters will reject the multiplayer traffic regardless.
    • TCP Port 843: This port is used to distribute socket policy files and likely won't work by default. Some newer versions of the Flash Player require the use of this port.
    • TCP Port 8080: This port is commonly used for web traffic and will sometimes work by default. However, some schools use a proxy server on this port, and that can cause problems for the multiplayer connection.
    • TCP Port 6700: This port is not commonly used and likely won't work by default. However, no other services use this port, so if allowed it should always work for the multiplayer games.
  • Ensure your software is up to date

    Be sure you have a recent version of a web browser and Flash player installed, which you can download for free: Internet Explorer | Firefox | Google Chrome | Safari | Flash Player

Please contact us if you are still having problems. We will help troubleshoot and get it working.