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Kickstart your kids' learning with practice that feels like play! Analyze score data trends with Arcademics Plus, and motivate with achievements and powerups.

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Here's Why You Should Try Arcademics Plus:

Multiplayer Edu Gaming On All Devices. Our HTML5 games allow you to play together from any device - with no installs or firewall edits needed.

Useful Data. Use trend reports to view progress, hone in on problem areas, and see where intervention is needed.

Rate-Based Learning. Fun and focused repetition practice enables automaticity and fluency to be achieved quickly.

What Are Homeschoolers Saying?

Arcademics gives us the big motivation we need to practice our facts - and learn them solidly and permanently.
Kersland Homeschool
Success Story
I race the children myself to encourage them to beat me, we've already worked through our spelling curriculum!
Pilgrims Rest Homeschool
Success Story
Instead of our kids using their devices for entertainment, Arcademics enables us to play together while learning.
Gardner Homeschool
Success Story

Badges & Power Ups

As students play, they can earn prestige achievement badges and fun power ups to use in games.

1st Place
On Fire
Beat Best
Power Ups

Insightful Data!

Performance data in Arcademics Plus gives essential insights to inform your teaching.

Class Fluency

Most-Missed Problems

Student Trends


Play Anytime, Anywhere

Arcademics games are built with the latest HTML5 technology, so they can be played seamlessly on any device using a web browser. We also have apps available for the iPad and Android tablets.

Proceeds to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America BGCA

Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Our team believes in helping kids from all backgrounds achieve a better life. We donate 3% of proceeds from every Arcademics Plus subscription purchase to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to further their mission in providing safe places for kids in need to learn and grow - all while having fun. At Boys & Girls Clubs, great futures are started each and every day.